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100k Thermistor
US$1.89 US$0.90
ABS Filament
US$23.00 US$13.00
Bearing 608ZZ
US$1.07 US$0.90
Bed Heater
US$17.79 US$8.90
E3D V6 Hot End
US$32.00 US$12.00
Endstop switch
US$1.49 US$1.40
Extruder Hobbed Gear
US$7.60 US$4.60
Extruder Spur Gear
US$5.59 US$1.99
GT2 Belt
US$3.20 US$1.80
Kossel mini
Metallic Filament
US$39.00 US$29.00
E3D Hot End
Bed Heater
US$17.79 US$8.90
ABS Filament
US$23.00 US$13.00
PLA Filament
US$24.00 US$13.00
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